Kitchen-Sink Painting. 1942-58


  • Oil on Canvas
  • 51 x 61 cms
  • c.1953


This work is the only known painting to date from Greaves's brief visit to Paris in the winter of 1952-53. Greaves was en route to Rome where he had an Abbey Major Scholarship to study at the British School. Greaves's time in Paris was short and marred by the freezing cold of winter.

This painting with its heavy impasto is typical of Greaves's paintings of this period, whilst its flatenned buildings and stylised trees anticipate the formal aspects of his later paintings. The result has certain affinities with Bernard Buffet, then at the height of his popularity, as well as containing echoes of Greaves's own recent painting of his hometown of Sheffield.

Recently rediscovered, prior to 2011 this painting has never previously been reproduced or exhibited. Greaves brought it back with him to London to the studio he shared with George Fullard. It was left in the studio when Greaves moved out and passed from Fullard to a friend.

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