Kitchen-Sink Painting. 1942-58

Baby with Finger in Mouth

  • Charcoal pencil on paper
  • 30.5 x 25.5 cms
  • 1956

Baby with Finger in Mouth

Signed and dated


Derrick Greaves: Paintings and Drawings 1952 - 2002, James Hyman Gallery, London, 2003, (cat. 7), illustrated p.8.

James Hyman, Derrick Greaves: From Kitchen Sink to Shangri-La, Lund Humphries, London 2007, illustrated p.44.


In From Kitchen-Sink to Shangri-La (Lund Humphries, 2007) James Hyman writes that:

"In precise working drawings of the mid 1950s the form would be carried by line alone, as in Baby - Finger in Mouth (1956), the sparseness of which anticipates the use of line in Greaves's later work." (p.42)

This study demonstrates Greaves's empathetic and sensitive approach to drawing his wife  and children, which also led to producing paintings of his own children, executed in a Cezanne-like palette.


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